• The past 20 years we have gained a vast amount of knowledge of what our customers like and dislike in a short-reed goose call. The “Solution” was born directly out of the concepts and recommendations of our customers and World Class Staff!

    The "Solution" exhibits superior tonal range, accelerated speed, and zero air loss. This call has been tested for several years and provides total vocal realism. We are excited to share our newest product with you as we know it’s the best call, with your help, produced yet.

    ***The Solution comes with OTE (broke in guts)***
    All Sales Final - No Returns due to liability for sanitary concerns.
  • GK Calls OTE "Over the Edge Guts" OTE Broke in Tone Channel & Wedge & 1 Standard Reed.

    The Mallard Slayer is easy to blow wet or dry and has a "KILLER" sound that green heads can't resist. Available with Matte Tan Acrylic Barrel and Black Molded Insert or Bocote Wood Barrel and Black Molded Insert.
    Click Here for Sound File
  • The Canuck was created for one thing “Hunting”. As most of you may already know Craig Mcdonald is no stranger to the short reed goose call. Gk Calls and Craig worked side by side designing the Canuck, working their way from the inside out; determining exact bore lengths and diameters to create a sound true to Canada Geese. The Canuck utilizes the Edge Gut system, with a E4 reed allowing the call complete tonal range. Don’t let the size fool you; the call is loud, fast, and “BIG” on the low end. Click Here for Sound File
  • Spare E3 Reeds (Used in the Giant Killer, Little Giant, Comp Killer and Giant Slayer). This includes 6 Spare Reeds (No Guts or O-Rings)
  • The Call Girl is an old school J-Frame that offers our exclusive counter bore technology.  The Call Girl incorporates a machined micro grove inside the barrel that locks the insert into place for consistent and optimal air pressure.  This call can be tuned as a single or a double reed.  She's all duck from her top to her bottom and draws "DRAKES" like bee's to nectar. Click Here for Sound File
  • 6 Spare E4 Reeds (Used in the GK Canuck). This includes 6 Spare Reeds (No Guts or O-Rings).