GK Calls Overture

An “Overture,” by definition, is an introduction to something more substantial; a prelude or an opening. It also means an approach or proposal made to someone with the intent of opening negotiations and/or establishing a relationship. We knew immediately with the first note ever created from this call that it would be the perfect opening to every hunting routine. Every time we use a call when hunting, that is exactly what we are trying to achieve. With each note, we are attempting to build a relationship with our prey in the air to join us in our decoy spread to fill our limit. “The Overture” has been in a proto-type stage now for the last 13 years. With so many great calls out of the market, we wanted to find the perfect addition to our brand that will not only compliment our line but stand out on its own.

When It comes to calls, “The Overture” really speaks for itself. This call was designed to achieve a full range, from it’s soft deep moans and murmurs to a more long-range, high piercing crack that cuts like a knife. The Overture’s exceptional speed delivers total control whether you’re working a single bird or the whole flock. Our call comes with our OTE gut system which prevents any wasted air which complements this small but mighty call.

The call can be tuned one of two ways. We will offer the “True Lesser” tune which will incorporate our OTE gut system and a full non-shaved E4 reed. If you are looking for a high speed, true lesser call that you can achieve that famous “shriek” note with, then this is the tune-up you are looking for.

The second option will be the “Total Control” tune. This will also have our OTE gut system with a shaved E4 Reed. This tune-up will give you more control on the bottom end and still allow you the ability to get fast and high pitched when needed.

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GK Calls Element

An element is a substance that is made entirely from one type of atom. For example, the element hydrogen is made from atoms containing a single proton and a single electron. If you change the number of protons an atom has, you change the type of element it is. GK Calls has now strived to implement the same ideals that scientists created years ago. There are now more call makers than ever before in the market.  We can look at the market as the periodic table of elements. A chart of several different elements, all similar because they share a common bond, however at the core, all very different and utilized for different reasons.  We took that idea and formulated it into a duck call and named it, “The Element.”

The elements are the basic foundation of every living and non-living thing, including our calls.  We spent countless hours developing the perfect piece that we hope you will add to your lanyard.  “The Element” is extremely versatile.  It has a full range sound, able to reach out to the ducks in the bay, while also quiet and gritty enough to finish the green tops in your flooded cornfield.

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GK Calls Solution

solution_blackThe past 15 years we have gained a vast amount of knowledge of what our customers like and dislike in a short-reed goose call. The “Solution” was born directly out of the concepts and recommendations of our customers and World Class Staff!

The “Solution” is now our shortest call in the lineup followed by superior tonal range, accelerated speed and zero air loss. This call has been tested for several years and provides total vocal realism. We are excited to share our newest product with you as we know it’s the best call, with your help, produced yet.

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2020 Solution Sound File

GK Calls Evolution

evolution_blackEvolution is the process of gradual, steady, progressive change or development. This is exactly the process we took in developing this call. When we set out on the quest of creating a new duck call, we spent countless hours in the field and sloughs all over North America researching the unique sounds that the mallard hen makes.  We evolved the sounds we heard into our new duck call and the, “Evolution,” was born. The, “Evolution,” has an unmatched bottom end feed chuckle and quacks that are nothing short of revolutionary. This call sounds best tuned as a single reed, but we do offer it as a double.

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GK Calls Giant Killer

giantkiller_blackFor the Hunter who prefers a deep fuller sound this call is all “GOOSE” and incorporates our “EDGE” gut system along with the new E3 reed. Thus making the GK one of the most user friendly shortreed goose calls in the field today. With our no nonsense lifetime warranty you have the added insurance that our calls are the best value as well. Click on the sound file and give a listen I think you will agree as well.

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2020 Giant Killer Sound File

GK Calls Canuck

canuck_blackThe Canuck was created for one thing “Hunting”. As most of you may already know Craig Mcdonald is no stranger to the short reed goose call. Gk Calls and Craig worked side by side designing the Canuck, working their way from the inside out; determining exact bore lengths and diameters to create a sound true to Canada Geese. The Canuck utilizes the Edge Gut system, with a E4 reed allowing the call complete tonal range. Don’t let the size fool you; the call is loud, fast, and “BIG” on the low end.

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GK Calls Signature Slayer

In 2010, Wade Walling won the “Champion of Champions” calling competition with our GK Comp Slayer. Since then, it has been a crowd favorite for anyone who has tried it. Historically, many of our customers have overlooked the product on the website or in the catalog because of the name, “Comp Slayer,” assuming it was only meant for use on the stage. We have learned from our mistakes and have now rebranded this call. The new “Signature Slayer” incorporates a short barrel that has speed, volume, tonal range and superior air control. This call has a full deep goose tone that everyone looks for in a call, but also still allows you to get quick when needed. It will currently only be available in Delrin and made for the true hunter. It will come standard with the OTE broke in gut system.

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2020 Signature Slayer Sound File

GK Calls Call Girl

callgirlblackThe Call Girl is an old school J-Frame that offers our exclusive counter bore technology.  The Call Girl incorporates a machined micro grove inside the barrel that locks the insert into place for consistent and optimal air pressure.  This call can be tuned as a single or a double reed.  She’s all duck from her top to her bottom and draws “DRAKES” like bee’s to nectar.

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2020 Call Girl Sound File

GK Calls Molded Call Girl

polycallgirl_greyThe Call Girl is an old school J-frame, which offers our exclusive counter-bore technology; giving the call a very unique sound. Molded out of our new performance hardened polymer and displaying a unique seamless design, this call is a must for your lanyard! The CG is very durable and will provide you with years of service at an affordable cost.

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GK Calls Mallard Slayer

The Mallard Slayer is easy to blow wet or dry and has a “KILLER” sound that green heads can’t resist.

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GK Calls Giant Hunter

The Giant Hunter looks like a flute and sounds like a flute but that’s where the similarity stops.

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2020 Giant Hunter Sound File