• SALE ALERT! We had a slight miss communication with our apparel company and just received a double batch of our new Blueprint Series white hoody! We are going to drop the price to $24.99 to help move the pile of extra hoodies we now have in stock. Blueprint Series Hooded Sweatshirt is a Gildan Adult Heavy Blend 8oz - 50/50 Blend and available in White. Available in various sizes. Hoodies run on the small size.
  • In 2010, Wade Walling won the “Champion of Champions” calling competition with our GK Comp Slayer.  Since then, it has been a crowd favorite for anyone who has tried it.  Historically, many of our customers have overlooked the product on the website or in the catalog because of the name, “Comp Slayer,” assuming it was only meant for use on the stage.  We have learned from our mistakes and have now rebranded this call.  The new “Signature Slayer” incorporates a short barrel that has speed, volume, tonal range and superior air control.  This call has a full deep goose tone that everyone looks for in a call, but also still allows you to get quick when needed.  It will currently only be available in Delrin and made for the true hunter.  It will come standard with the OTE broke in gut system.  
  • An “Overture,” by definition, is an introduction to something more substantial; a prelude or an opening. It also means an approach or proposal made to someone with the intent of opening negotiations and/or establishing a relationship. We knew immediately with the first note ever created from this call that it would be the perfect opening to every hunting routine. Every time we use a call when hunting, that is exactly what we are trying to achieve. With each note, we are attempting to build a relationship with our prey in the air to join us in our decoy spread to fill our limit. “The Overture” has been in a proto-type stage now for the last 13 years. With so many great calls out of the market, we wanted to find the perfect addition to our brand that will not only compliment our line but stand out on its own. When It comes to calls, “The Overture” really speaks for itself. This call was designed to achieve a full range, from it’s soft deep moans and murmurs to a more long-range, high piercing crack that cuts like a knife. The Overture’s exceptional speed delivers total control whether you’re working a single bird or the whole flock. Our call comes with our OTE gut system which prevents any wasted air which complements this small but mighty call. The call can be tuned one of two ways. We will offer the “True Lesser” tune which will incorporate our OTE gut system and a full non-shaved E4 reed. If you are looking for a high speed, true lesser call that you can achieve that famous “shriek” note with, then this is the tune-up you are looking for. The second option will be the “Total Control” tune. This will also have our OTE gut system with a shaved E4 Reed. This tune-up will give you more control on the bottom end and still allow you the ability to get fast and high pitched when needed. Click Here for Sound File
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    The Giant Hunter looks like a flute and sounds like a flute but that's where the similarity stops. This 9 1/4" acrylic call uses the same principle calling technique as a short reed. The GH allows you the best of both worlds with the exceptional mellow tonal range of a flute and the speed and versatility of a short reed. If you always wanted to blow a flute but had trouble with the transition you will be pleasantly surprised as to the ease of the GH. Special Note: We would like to thank Tim Grounds for allowing us to use his flute guts in the GH Available in Matte Black Acrylic All Sales Final - No Returns due to liability for sanitary concerns.
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    Trucker style hat is available in Natural Gear Camo with GK Calls Logo.
    • 100% polyester mesh back
    • Structured, mid-profile, six-panel
    • Pre-curved visor
    • Plastic tab closure
    • Adjustable
  • GK Calls Vinyl Trailer Sticker. 24x30.5 in size and in Black or White.